My Passion For Dance

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“People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.” Zig Ziglar I was honestly about to quit dance and drop everything, I had lost passion for everything, till I heard the amazing new from Dr.Kirkland That was a real life changing moment, This was such a life changing moment. This was such a boost in my life… it opened my eyes and my passion for dance started to come back. I think from this is sometimes a person needs a little push in their life to start up the engine that has extinguished and start doing what you love. Everyone tried to push me and say “ why are you quitting? You’re such an amazing dancer!” or “ Don’t quit now… You have done so much” but that never really pushed me to continue to dance… It just made me think harder and ponder about my choices in quitting dance, but what pushed me the most was when Dr.Kirkland had said “ My dance instructor told me that you don't meet your students at the bottom… you make your students meet you to your high expectations.” That really pushed me and made me strive to meet Dr.Kirkland's high expectations and made me keep dancing. Dr. Kirkland had offered us a three day dance trip to Kennesaw State to take different classes and all I could remember was if I could last the three day dance trip with all the intensive dance classes and three performances that I might perform in one of them because I was an understudy for one of the dancers, all I could remember is what

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