My Passion For Reading And Writing

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A lot of people are literate in Reading and Writing, however, I am literate in other things such as Guitar, Fencing, Bowling, Metal-Detecting, Reading, Writing, and tons of other things. But I really have a passion for Reading and Writing. When I start writing, I really get into it and I do not want to stop, but sometimes when I do not get into it, I just write a small amount amount and don't really have a passion for what I am writing. But when it is good I put a lot of feeling into it. The same goes for reading, I love to read a book if it fits into my interest, I usually like books with more action and surprising moments. It can be realistic fiction, it does not matter to me. There are always weaknesses to everyone's strengths.
Of my literacies, Reading is not my strongest area. However, I am able to figure out words I usually have a hard time figuring out. I am able to read between the lines and figure out exactly how the writer is using the word in context. However, I still have weaknesses when reading. I can easily get bored when reading. If I am not interested in the story I get bored very quickly. However, If I like the book, I am able to sit down and read for 5 hours straight. A good book to me is one that always has a lot of action, and there is always something that leaves the reader asking themselves a question. Also, books are just annoying because they are pretty fragile. Even a couple drops of rain could crinkle the pages. I actually learned to read before I

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