My Passion For Law

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Ever since I can remember I've had a passion for law. I would sit in front of the television for hours watching reruns of any show that had to do with that aspect. I would take out my notebook as if it were a class and write any single detail to study. One of the professions that really stood out to me was the lawyers. The thought of being able to help someone while also punishing those who broke the law was fulfilling to me.

To become a lawyer it requires attending college. A bachelor degree is needed and takes about four years to obtain. Next, is taking the LSAT also known as the Law School Admission Test. After doing so you must proceed to attend law school. A minimum of three is required to earn your Juris Doctor degree. Finally, it is essential to take the state bar exam in order to legally practice law. However, when taking the exam and passing only means you can practice law according to the state you took the test in. An outstanding college to attend when wanting to become a lawyer is Yale which was ranked the number one law school in the United States. Harvard and Stanford were also highly ranked and recommended schools. Yet in New Jersey, Rutgers and Seton Hall take the title. One skill that would need is to collaborate with others as a team to in the end be successful. Another skill is time management, we need to prepare and be ready for a given date. Next, is taking into account crucial evidence and information because you be sure you're focusing on what will

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