My Passions For SAASA

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1. Why did you join SAASA? What does it mean to you?
Walking into the annual club fair, freshman year, SAASA was the first booth I saw, and the first club I signed up for in high school. I was immediately drawn to the club because it encompassed my passions: dance, music, and my Indian heritage. A major part of my life has always been dance and will definitely continue to be. I have been dancing since age three, learning and performing in many different dance forms in Western and Indian [Bollywood and Bharatnatyam]. Knowing that I had another chance to perform especially Bollywood was very exciting, and I immediately participated in not only the dance aspect but also in technical ways as a freshman. This year as well, I continued to help out the officers in any way I could throughout this year. As a member of SAASA, and possibly as an officer, in these next two years, I share my love for dance and the idea of this club and want to encourage others to join this club.
2. What other extra-curriculars do you plan to participate in junior year? Please list activities both in school and out of school. When do these extra-curriculars take place (seasons/days), and how will you balance those responsibilities with your duties as a SAASA officer? Spring Track & Field - March to May : During the spring season, although I have track daily (except Sunday), I will still be contributing to the club in various ways. As an officer, it is important to prioritize my activities which

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