My Pen Writes In Blue And White By Vincent Cremona

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In the last paragraph of the essay “My Pen Writes in Blue and White”, Vincent Cremona infers that, through his childhood familiarity with blue-collar and white-collar working environments, he has attained an expansive world view that enables him to sympathize with various cultural backgrounds today. By enveloping this dual mindset of society, Cremona has developed an impartial writing style capable of communicating with a wide variety of backgrounds effectively, whom, in his words, is to “ see as either blue, or white, or some shade thereof” (195) In other words, the author explains that he can adopt either method of communication from blue-collar and white-collar societies individually, or blend the two styles together. By doing so, Cremona harnesses the authoritative terminology of white-collar speech, while exhibiting the “loud and brash” nature of blue-collar speech in one format to help achieve the intended audience reaction. (196) This point is demonstrated in the author’s earlier example, where after filing a complaint to an airline while utilizing this writing format, swift action was taken by the firm to compensate Cremona for his trouble. Cremona’s ability to persuade the airline was due, in part, to the author’s ability to convey emotion plainly and effectively through written words alone, thanks to his utilization of blue-collar speech; Cremona himself views this form of expression as “basic, bold, and workman-like [sic].” (195) In this definition, Cremona

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