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Although we’ve all experienced any degree of disappointments in our lives, there are a select few that tend to stick with us. They act as assets in our lives, tools to use help us grow. The way a person deals with disappointment speaks volume about who someone is. Personally, I am the kind of person who likes to have constants in my life; commodities that won’t change and those that I can depend on when everything else is unstable. When I was in my second year of middle school, one of my biggest constants was my band director, Ms. Palmer. The way my school district operated, all the middle school directors would also help in the mornings at the high school band class. As a result of this, once my brother and sister left our middle school, …show more content…

This shattered all confidence I had for going to high school, all hope for comfort I previously had. All of a sudden, my main constant dissolved. The only thing that I had going for me, the safety net in my life ceased to provide comfort. From this event, I feel that I learned a great deal about how I personally coped with disappointment and major changes in my life. After tears had been shed and the questions were answered, I had an opportunity to develop and to mature from this. After adequate contemplation, I realized that it wasn’t the best idea to depend on other people so deeply. In my youth, I had been raised and taught how to be independent and to care for myself, making sure that I could give myself all I needed to become successful. This loss of someone turned out to be invaluably important in my life and further reinforced my idea that the only person you should depend on is yourself. Though this sounds grim, I am able to attribute much of my success to my personal independence. I’ve learned how to set goals for myself, how to motivate myself to try and rise above negative situations and develop from them. Ms. Palmer leaving sparked my first internal revision that has thus led to a personal reflection resulting in the mindset I possess now. Several years later, I have the ability to reflect upon myself in a more timely and constructive manner. Looking at situations like these in a useful light, disappointments are a fantastic

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