My Personal Experience In My Life

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Growing up I aspired to be everything my parents wanted me to be, successful, intelligent, and stable. They were big examples in my life of what hard work can achieve. My dad would put work above anything else, and wanted me to learn the same work ethic. However, work and making money was not everything to me. Everyone was trying to direct my destiny, but deep down I know my own personal legend and how I am supposed to fulfill it. Similar to Santiago, I sometimes battle with my own conscience whether to trust someone or even myself. In August of two thousand fourteen, I entered a new phase of my adolescent life, Junior High. Little did I know those three years would be the most traumatic, life changing, confusing years of my pre teen life that would change my beliefs and who I was. Similar to when Santiago was changed when he learned the universal language of the world. For most of my sixth and seventh-grade year, I was not noticed by many of the kids in my grade or by most teachers, I expected this to happen because I never raised my hand or drew attention to myself. But I think I was too scared of saying the wrong answer or everyone judging me, for these reasons it made those two years extremely unmemorable. In my eighth grade year, everything was different. I was no longer afraid of speaking out on anything. I loved having my own voice because it gave everyone a glimpse into what I was thinking just like how Santiago loved his sheep because they allowed him to travel the

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