My Personal Experience In Public School

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I believe that everybody should be confident and stand up for themselves. I believe in this very much and I always will. I believe in my statement because of an experience I had last year, in eighth grade. I had gone to a private school with less than three hundred kids from grades k-8 from second grade to the end of seventh. It was a small school and it was very clicky. Everyone knew each other and whenever a student would leave, everyone would literally get mad at them, even the teachers. I think I’ve gotten my point across that the private school was not preparing me for real life. I made an independent decision to leave that school that had held the people who I considered family. I decided to go to public school for the first time since second grade, and I didn’t realize how nervous I was until I found myself standing alone in a corner on the first day of eighth grade at a place that I had never imagined myself attending. I didn’t really know how to socialize with new people because I had been so used to the same people for six and a half years. People thought I was awkward or shady. Everyday I hoped someone would come up to me and befriend me, but this didn’t happen until the second week of school. I was sitting at a sticky lunch table by a few acquaintances when a girl tapped my shoulder and asked me to follow her. In my head, I was confused because she was considered a “popular” girl. As I followed her out of the cafeteria, she said “You’re about to get yelled at.
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