My Personal Experience : My Experience In The Military

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When I was eighteen years old. I had multiple things on my mind such as; what college I wanted to attend and how was I going to play for my education. One day I was watching television and I saw a commercial about, if you join the military, you could get your college tuition payed for by the military. So, after seeing that commercial, I started searching for a recruiter. When I finally found a recruiter. I took that opportunity to collect all the literature that was relevant for me to joining the military. After signing up for eight years with the Army Alabama National Guards in the delayed entrant program. The delayed entrant program is a program that I had to go to drill every month but, not to basic training, not until I graduated from high school. After I graduated from Tuskegee Institution High School. I had to attend my military basic training in Anniston, Alabama at Fort McClellan. When I left Tuskegee, Alabama on the bus on June twenty-first of nineteen eighty-five headed

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to Fort McClellan. I realized, this was the first time in my life, leaving my hometown to be independent. The thought of me being independent made me more nervous than ever. Once I arrived at the military reception station, where all the new soldiers are kept before they reported to their basic training units. I became more relaxed, because I did not

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