My Personal Experiences In My Life

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Essay #1 Have you ever felt like life is difficult? Or not to your expectations? Chances are that we all have to deal with some difficult situations at times. When I was in Middle School I struggled to fit in with my classmates. I have always been quiet and just listened to their conversations. They always had so much to talk about and plans to see movies and other plans such as going to parties and other social gatherings. But I was never included or invited. I remember one day I came home and went straight to my room, laid down on my bed and cried. My mom came into my room and asked what was wrong. I told her what happened that made me feel very sad and cry. A girl in my group passed out invitations for her birthday party to everyone but me. My mother told me that if I had received the invitation for the birthday party I would probably be ignored and they would act like as if I wasn’t there. And she also said “this is a life lesson that I want you to remember, when you invite someone make sure you include the whole group or invite privately. Then she told her story about not having time to be with friends. She came to Santa Barbara from Mexico when she was seventeen years old with her older sister. A single mother of two daughters, one that was five years old and the other six and a half. And also my mother’s youngest sister who was seven years old. They came to live with their aunt who had seven children of her own all under eighteen years old. They lived in a four
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