My Personal Goals And Goals Of A Good Teacher

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Introduction During the past four weeks in Guadalajara, I have received well-designed and intense training from ITTO and as a result, I have learned an immense amount about how to design lesson plans confidently, regardless of type of class (conversation, grammar, etc) and regardless of availability of resources (textbooks or no textbooks, etc). While I believe that I have always had a passion and aptitude for teaching, ITTO has given further tools in the form of practical training and job search guidance. I have progressed well during this short but intense period of training but I will continue to improve as I work as an English teacher in Latin America going forward. What is a Good Teacher? In my opinion, a good teacher has the following qualities: He teaches because he enjoys the process of improving the academic and professional lives of students, instead of doing it strictly for the money. As a result, students recognize and appreciate his passion for teaching and develop a trusting and respectful relationship with the teacher He creates a nurturing environment that is warm, accessible, and caring. He encourages students to show effort and to ask questions openly in class without fear of mockery by peers He works hard to prepare the lesson materials and he is adaptive to unpredictable circumstances, such as when students arrive late to class, the course has to be taught without a pre-existing textbook, or when the lesson takes longer than he anticipated and he

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