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I am Claire Worsham. My family ancestry is mainly from Western Europe such as France, England, Wales, Germany, and Switzerland. I am the youngest of a nuclear family, where I live with my two parents and my older brother. The majority of my family on both my father and mother’s side are different denominations of Christian and practice the traditional Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter. My family on my father’s side is spread out across the southwest mainly. While my mother’s side is centrally in Tennessee. A way my personal life has been impacted by people from the around the world involves my internet friend from Denmark. Emma and I met online due to shared interests and quickly a friendship formed. We talk daily and compare our lives. We relate to each other what our lives are like including school, families, and hobbies. Despite living across the ocean from each other we are quite similar and can keep up a constant relationship. The U.S is called a melting pot due to the diversity of races, nationalities, and beliefs. All religions practiced are equal. There are groups of people from all religions that distort it such as extremist Christians and Muslims, though we should not categorize them with the rest. Religion should stem from one’s personal beliefs and be separated from the government wholly. The world’s population has been increasing over time due to advanced sciences which extend lifetimes and decreasing in death rate. In parts of the world many

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