My Identity And Identity

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I am a student, with a meaningful background and identity. If I did not explain and share my story you would not understand who I am as a person, a student, an athlete, a friend, sibling, or a daughter. Just like any other student I qualify for many titles, but my titles are affected by my identity and background. I am a student diagnosed with a severe mental illness. I have been diagnosed with severe Bipolar disorder, breaks from reality, and a slight multiple personality. I both struggle and thrive with my condition learning how to deal with a mental illness has been difficult. My day to day life is more complicated than the average person. I wake up and sometimes have no idea what type of episode I'll be having. I go through extreme highs and lows witch can last weeks or months each. When experiencing a high or manic episode I can experience disconnected and racing thoughts that overwhelm me. My mind is like a marathon of its own that has a never-ending finish line. I talk in light speed to were people around swear they can hear different languages out of my mouth. Getting little to no sleep for days at a time up all hours of the night till sun rise. Distracted so easily if you are to ask me a simple question I will have you bouncing off topics for half an hour or if I don't cut you off right when I think of something I forget and never remember. My impaired judgment leaves reckless without thinking of consciences acting right on the spot hurting me latter. I experience delusions and hallucinations. My daily activities increase as if I'm super woman tackling the day. Not home for at least week at a time with back to back plans. I over exercise. One time on a manic over the summer of 2016 I would work out for hours upon hours a day still had so much energy after. It lasted about 2 months. I also start cleaning obsessively every little thing has to be perfect. Being on a high is amazing because you feel so good but it sets me back and gets me into trouble with school, work, personal relationships and sometimes puts me in danger. Then on a low or depression cycle I sleep all day as if I'm a bare in hibernation. If I do wake up for work or school I'm like a zombie worn out until I lay in my

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