My Personal Philosophy : My Philosophy Of Education

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“What is your philosophy of education”, this is what I am asked. As a rising teacher, I should have an idea of how the classroom might be managed and what pedagogical techniques and methods may be used for the students to acquire new information and knowledge of a given topic. My goal, as a teacher, is to produce citizens who are life-long learners who easily adjusts to any social environment, and has the basic skills needed for everyday life. Of course, these goals can be met with certain methods to help teach and manage a classroom such as: Essentialism, Progressivism, and Social Reconstructionism. Firstly, the goal for part of the curriculum is to be influenced by essentialism. Before a learner begins on any work of any sort, he/she must build a solid foundation with basic knowledge and skills. As the student progresses to secondary and post-secondary school, he/she must know basic skills in order to function in today’s society. Once the student establishes a solid foundation, they must build upon it. Basic skills in math such as: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division have functionality in the “real world.” One goal I want for my students is to not only strive to achieve the highest level of mathematics, but to also grasp the essentials of math. Moreover, I want my students to acquire basic skills for the “real world”, so they can strive to be marketable applicants for any job or career they wish to apply to. My second goal for the curriculum is to be taught in parallel with progressivism. This philosophy is a must in the classroom. As the student acquires the basic skills needed in order to understand the more complicated topics/assignments, such as algebra, where there is an unknown, he/she must be able to think abstractly in order to understand the given assignment. A goal for my students is to “think outside the box”. Not only is it superlative to lecture students and to have students do assignments from the book, but it is much more optimum to have students to do projects. Not to mention the simple fact that students aren’t always going to comprehend the material taught in class. It’s quite obvious the students understand the material better when they have hands on projects because
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