My Personal Statement : Dr. Hansen

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Dr. Hansen, You once asked me if I wanted you to get involved in this situation and I said yes. You had David Marshall call me. Although I appreciated his call, that is not what I wanted. I wanted your personal involvement as this involves your school district. I understand you are a busy man and have a lot of important things to deal with. I happen to believe this is one of them. I’m not asking for this to be reinvestigated as I think history has shown there is no point to that. The administration let the students down two years ago by allowing a culture of Joe being allowed to do whatever he wanted (evidenced in the attached picture) as he was protected by one of the very instructors who was supposed to protect ALL the students. This was proved again when two students finally after a couple of years of ongoing sexual assault went to their instructors to report what was going on. What happened? Basically nothing was done. He was told not to touch them anymore so he then started a campaign of emotional and mental abuse through social media and trying to turn the team against my daughter. Which sadly, he was partly successful in doing. People were afraid to stand up to him because they feared the repercussions that would come, which they did. Did the sexual abuse finally stop? Yes to me knowledge it did but it was replaced with verbal and mental abuse which is still abuse and again went unchecked. Even when Joe himself brought the social media information to the

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