My Personality Factors That Helped The Group

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In the survival activity, our group consisted of seven team members. None of us knew each other from the past, the group was created randomly by our TA. The purpose of this survival activity was to rank each situation to survive on an island. The group made decisions by voting on each situation and whichever had the most votes was picked. This type of group decision making was the most convenient because everyone had a choice. The group communicated in a proper manner, each person was given a chance to speak and input ideas. Not everyone was talking equally; in my case I was listening and joining in whenever the decision sided my opinion. Some of my personality factors that helped the group were agreeableness, encouraging, and gatekeeper. …show more content…

The purpose of this activity was to show team work, connect with strangers, contribute, and display our personality factors in order to survive on an island. The Big Five Personality Models The Big five model displays five different personalities and the actions created from those personalities can either make a positive or negative impact in the community. The five personalities are Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Neuroticism, Openness to Experience and Extroversion. Each of these have both positive and negative outcomes depending on the situation. Conscientiousness is “a personality dimension describing people who are careful, dependable, and self-discipline” (38). Agreeableness comes in the category of “Courteous, good-natured, empathic, and caring” (37). Neuroticism Is “a personality dimension describing people with high levels of anxiety, Hostility, depression and self-consciousness” (38). Openness to experience is a personality trait which goes to a person who is “Imaginative,creative, curious,sensitive” (37). Extroversion “characterizes people who are outgoing, talkative, sociable and assertive” (38). When doing the exercise for the big five in week 3, my answers were different than expected. My Score for Conscientiousness is 69%, which means I set goals and pursue them with determination and people regard me as reliable and hard-working. For agreeableness, my score was 71%, which shows that I have a strong interest in others’

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