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This paper will focus on my personality types established from taking the Jung Typology Test. Our personality types make us the characters we are in today society. These personality types can help or hurt us in our careers, relationships and personal growth. After taking Jung Typology Test, my four personality types were introvert, sensing, feeling and judging or ISFJ. This research paper will explain how my personality types affect my day to day work and personal life. By understanding my personality types, I will be empowered to improve my professional and personal relationship. Keywords: personality, types, ISFJ, relationships, work, taxpayer, representative, Jung My Personality Self-Assessment and the Impact it has …show more content…

My obligations consist of speaking to the taxpayer or their representatives and determine if the taxpayers are complying with New York State sales and use tax laws. During one encounter with taxpayer representative, my supervisor at the time decided he was not taking the lead in the opening interview. My supervisor did not notify me previously about his decision to handle the initial interview. The taxpayer and I gathered at the table expecting to discuss the audit with my supervisor. My supervisor just sat at the table and looked at me for questions, and I froze. I had questions for this taxpayer, but I was not positive if my list of issues applied to the case at hand. By freezing at the initial appointment meant a sign of weakness to my supervisor, and he expressed his concern in my evaluation. I found it difficult to express myself because I was afraid he would get angry if my questions were incorrect. My hesitation in asking fundamental questions about the company hindered me from showing my boss my real potential as an auditor. I want to express my opinion without fear of retribution or disdain from another party. Section 2: S (16%) As a sensing person, I see numerous things black or white. The color gray is rarely a factor in my career and does not influence my day to day living. In designing my wedding with my then fiancé, we had a dispute about using a particular disc jockey. This conflict was due to me stating the reasons for using my friend and

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