My Personality Type Of Enfj

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After answering multiple questions for different situations I was able to obtain information about my personality. ENFJ is a very unique and has various skill sets that will allow me as individual to work in multiple roles. Occupations with good interpersonal skills that allow productive collaboration through any working process. Although this personality can be challenging it still has many benefits to help build careers successfully. There are many high rank positions that this particular personality type would be effective in. Some examples are sales, social services, community care, legal and the list goes on. In all of these roles there are a broad range of occupations that would fit perfectly based on the personality type. However, the ultimate focus is to reach their main dreams. Although they may see their selves as helpers or enablers, this creates the challenge. Throughout the course of years, I tend to find out more about myself. Every day is challenging and full of many surprises. However, the most challenging thing in my life is working with other personalities. Only to find myself considered an ENFJ with a temperament of NF. Yes, I’m open to others and would put myself last, but I now understand how to truly connect. ENFJ This personality trait reflects many strong characteristic in various settings. It is the most driven personality to seeking their dreams. Through different skills they are able to play many roles for examples counselor,
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