My Perspective On Therapy And Treatment

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Introduction Therapy has never been once considered in my life. The stigma, the reputation, and the negative view I have stored up has allowed me to only judge the field. However, after taking Human Services/Counseling 380 and Abnormal Psychology 341 this semester, my perspective on therapy and treatment has completely changed. Although it is unfortunate to know that there are some therapies and treatment approaches that may not work, it is also fascinating to know that it is very effective in curing and treating problems. In this paper, I will discuss the personal issues I have faced in my life and “play” the client part. I will also select three theories to contribute to the treatment of the issues I have faced and take the role of a therapist. Personal Issue The personal issue that I would like to address for this paper is regarding the death of my father. My family, which includes my dad, mom, brother and I, were always close and tightly knit. This close relationship was established due to moving out the state and countries multiple times. After moving from Michigan to Tokyo, Japan, my family grew to depend on one another during hardships. As my parents were both Korean, they depended on one another during times of language barrier and cultural shock from both America and Japan. Although, growing up in a different country was extremely hard to adjust to, my brother and I felt always safe knowing that our parents were guiding us. My parents decided to come back to live

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