Personal Theory of Counseling Essay

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ALTER THIS PAPER....IT HAS BEEN SUBMITTED TO TURN IT IN....USING IT VERBATIN WILL RESULT IN A 100 MARK AND IDENTIFICATION WITH ANOTHER STUDENT PAPER...IN OTHER WORDS, YOU WILL BE FOUND TO BE COMPLETELY CHEATING AND MAY BE EXPELLED FROM YOUR UNIVERSITY...I WOULD USE IT AS A GUIDE, A LAUNCHING POINT....SOMETHING YOU COULD PARAPHRASE OR BORROW SOME IDEAS... Personal Theory of Counseling or Psychotherapy Personal Theory of Counseling or Psychotherapy Personal Theory of Counseling of Counseling or Psychotherapy Introduction This application paper will discuss my personal theory of counseling or psychotherapy in a number of different areas. Specifically, I will discuss the seven areas of interest. First, I will discuss and describe…show more content…
However, any person who is motivated to become fully self-aware can do so thorough life experiences, including those experiences achieve in a therapeutic milieu. Ultimately, each person is responsible for their own lives and the opportunities that are perceived by individuals are often stunted because of an individuals life experiences, perceptions and feelings. While people seek to be connected to others as they are innately social and through these social experiences shape their own personalities, lives and the world around them. Ideally, people can work toward achieving their lives in ways that are integrated and fulfilling. It is thorough personal freedom and understanding of the self that this occurs (Corey, 2013). My view of human nature borrows from person-centered therapy in that people are trustworthy, can solve their own problems and have potential for growth (Corey, 2013a). It also borrows from the Rogerian view of human nature that is similar to Adler’s beliefs that a person is responsible for oneself and capable of growth, wellness and moving from a discouraged state to an encouraged state (Corey, 2013a). I also believe that people think and feel the way they do because of their experiences. This includes past experiences in as much as the experiences influences the present and need to be looked at to reveal truths for the individual. I
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