My Philosophy Of Teaching

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My role, as an educator, is to guide, engage, motivate and inspire students to learn so that they can realize their full potential and achieve their educational or personal goals. As a mathematics instructor my goal is to guide my students to learn to communicate mathematically, value mathematics and its usefulness, understand the material presented, able to recall and apply the concepts. Furthermore, I hope to deepen students understanding in the subject and become confident in their mathematical abilities. My philosophy of teaching begins with a brief discussion of my teaching methods. Finally, I discuss my assessment tools and how these tools contribute to student learning.
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In my classes I encourage my students to ask questions or for help if they don’t understand something. I spend time explaining the assignments and solving similar problems using a variety of approach. To encourage students’ participation in class, i award extra points to students that write the solutions to test review problems and problem-solving session on the board. Moreover, students learn to read, write and communicate mathematically during the problem-solving session.
To ensure that students attend class regularly and actively involved in the learning process, when possible, students complete a worksheet for the day’s topic either individually or in groups before the end of each class. The group work also gives students the chance to communicate their ideas, learn from one another and from the instructor as well. Much more, when students teach each other, they master techniques, learn and understand the material. In addition, when students share their work with their peers, it provides insights as to how students think and what students understand. Again, this method, help students to learn to communicate mathematically, boost their confidence in the subject and highlight the idea that there are different ways to think about problems.
Since each student is unique and learns mathematics in different ways, I employ multiple techniques, such as homework, quizzes, tests, and worksheets, to assess their level of understanding of mathematics. The tool i

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