My Planned Methodology For The Second Assignment Essay

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Our planned methodology for the second assignment is as follows: First, we plan on making observations at University Medical Center (UMC) to gain insight into how the hospital functions on a regular basis and to better understand the atmosphere that the physical design of UMC offers both patients and employees. We will gather observations by touring the hospital premises before we conduct our interviews. Second, we plan on interviewing two to three managers at UMC to complete our planned methodology. The managers include: David Little, Clinic Operations Manager, Specialty Service Lines; Bryan Fagot, Emergency Department Manager, Emergency Department and Trauma; and possibly Julie Borcher, Registered Nurse, Operating Room Manager, Surgical Service. The questions we will ask our interviewees are divided into two question sections: Specific versus General questions. Specific Questions: 1. How would you define the term work-life balance? 2. What do you do in order to achieve work-life balance? (Do you work nights or weekends to make deadlines?) 3. Have you noticed a difference between work-life balance from ILH, compared to UMC? 4. Has the transition period between hospitals impeded on your work-life balance? 5. Does the concept of work-life balance affect the way that you choose to manage others? 6. How do you manage technology? 7. Do you set boundaries around technology for yourself and/or your employees? (If yes, can you describe those boundaries?) 8. Do you blur your

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