My Position As A Project Assistant

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The focus of my position as a project assistant is document management. The document management issue I plan to address relates to other project assistants and the remote site monitor for my newest study. This study is a follow up study to a project that is already in place. All documents in our studies must go through a review process, and this process involves all members of the team. As a project assistant my department is responsible for the tracking, filing, and retrieval of trial and onboarding documents. At the end of the project our documentation is audited, and any issues that arise can impact the approval of the trial drug.
The main issue that is occurring is our document turnaround time and accuracy has been struggling due to employee turnover. This can create problems when auditors reference our system to see if the approved documents were completed in a timely manner, and in some cases is a violation of our standards to have documents go without updates. For example a medical license must be verified and on file before its expiration date. Our document training varies by trial; for this specific trial we are working off a simple document tracking guide, and our own notes from management.
My main goal is to improve and create a better set of tools to assist in our document management. What I intend to do is update our original guide, and create a more simple tracking tool in Microsoft excel. I have begun to update our guide by creating screen shots
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