My Practicum : Reflection In A High School Classroom

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Finals are already here, man I can’t believe how fast the semester has flown by. Next semester I will be off student teaching. After that I will be the one in charge all alone in high school land. For my final project in this class I decided to do option B, to reflect on my Practicum, write about what I have observed as far as literary strategies, and instruction. Talk about what I liked and what I would do different if it were my own classroom. I guess the best way to start this off would be to tell you a little bit about my Practicum.
. During my Practicum I was fortunate enough to be put into Mrs. Erickson’s drama class down in Chapman. It really worked out, because I had already volunteered to help her with the fall production. So I am able to witness firsthand how it is to conduct a high school production from planning and scheduling, to casting and conducting rehearsals-the whole shebang! I’m also FINALLY in a drama classroom, which has never happened in my prior observations. So I am totally in my element and I not only get to witness growth of students in and out of the classrooms. I’ve also been able to see the real deal. As in what is actually expected of me in my own classroom, how hectic putting on a show can really be in a high school and how that production chaos can slide into my classroom from time to time.
Unfortunately, when it comes to literary strategies in her instruction, there are none. I interviewed her for my coaching and directing class. I know,

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