My Private School Experience

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My essay profiles my encounters in a prestigious Toronto private school, which characterize my point of view. In general, people assume that in light of the fact that I had the pleasure of attending a private school, I was in a sheltered environment, devoid of struggles such as bullying and surrounded by well-disciplined students. On the contrary, my private school experience was not devoid of challenges and forced me to be vocal. I never expected that I would feel the chill of my face hitting the cold and the unpleasant gymnasium floor one unforgettable day. I felt shaky and needed to cry, but held it in.
My private school classroom consisted of seven to ten students, on average which allowed me to foster close friendships. In the long
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His behavior towards me progressed into violence. One day as I was changing in the locker room a larger than life figure encompassed me. In a matter of seconds as I lay stagnate on the gymnasium floor. I was hit and punched numerous times, constantly for at least two minutes. At the time, I was irate and I blamed myself, however, after reflection, the outrage left yet frustration ensued. Knowing him for six years, I felt betrayed because of his sudden abusive behaviour. I could no longer keep this incident to myself for my own safety so I informed my teacher who spoke with my companion’s parents and handled the situation well. After this occurrence happened, I had a unified student and staff body behind me giving their help, sensitivity, and love. The consideration shown to me by others helped me, in turn, to forgive and move on. I endeavored to understand my companion’s abusive behaviour, however, could not comprehend it. I thought to myself that I ought to be concerned about why he did it rather than what he did. My companion outwardly was a very much well mannered and pleasant, however, within, he had addictions and endured abuse at home. He was passing on the abuse he endured to me. I learned a significant lesson to not stay silent while being harassed. I had a negative behavior pattern to keep the occasions of strife to myself on account of feeling that my teachers and peers would not have cared less, not being
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