My Professional Career For A Nursing Home

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Approximately three months ago, I left an industry I have worked in my entire professional career in an effort to broaden my professional experience. I have worked in the acute care industry, at hospitals, for over 24 years in a nursing or management role. Since I plan to obtain an MBA degree and want a more diverse background to strengthen marketability, I went to work in a nursing home as a director of nursing. Admittedly, experience is not always a pivotal indicator. Varghese, Lindeman, and Santuzzi (2015) referenced Guion and Highhouse’s suggestion that aptitude and motivation, indicated by personality and ability, are preferential indicators of performance. This is phase one of the overall plan. Honestly, this was not a preferential move because I never wanted to work in a nursing home; there is a stigma associated with nursing homes and nursing home staff for hospital employees. Hospital staff tend to view nursing home staff as failures or lazy. However, with such limited experience outside of healthcare and the prevalence of male dominated positions in this area, the nursing home position seemed to be a natural opportunity to broaden horizons.
Upon entering the facility as a new employee, new director, and new to long term care, each day is inundated with unfamiliar tasks, responsibilities, and knowledge base. Laziness and failure is a huge misconception of the nursing home staff. This is a very specialized area of nursing; as a matter of fact, instead of working a

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