My Purpose In Life

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There are so many lessons that I have learned along this journey a mission in life is not to merely survive but to thrive.
I learned while I was looking for purpose in life. I was born with the purpose. Blessed is the man or woman that discovers their purpose in life and I discover mines. It was to love like I never loved before love like I never been hurt before and continue to forgive along this journey. I learned that God never created anything without a purpose the bee has a purpose to function and to perform as nature gave it its purpose the ant has a purpose the birds, flowers everything has a purpose we as humans struggle with our purpose should I give more should I do this or should I do that but I realized my purpose. I realize my gifts should be used to lighten not just my burden but the burdens of others I was to tell my testimony when I reflect back in my suffering there was always something that reminded me that I will be free whether it was a song a TV show I knew I had a purpose is what I learned or should I say discovered I pick up a lot through the messages that I heard along the journey. and I appllied those messages to my own life.
One of the many lessons was being committed thats the question that I asked myself are you willing to be committed being committed I would have to be willing to do the work it takes. Working at whatever I do whether it was in church, relationships, friendships, partnerships any ships there is. I had to totally be committed. If

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