My Reflection On My Experience In Early American History

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As I write this paper, I reflect on my experience in Early American History and how my group’s final project went. Overall, the class was significantly more difficult than I first thought it would be. Going into the class I originally assumed this would be a pretty simple GEP with minimal effort required to get an A in the class. Those assumptions were dispelled fairly quickly when I arrived at the first class. The teacher was going over the syllabus for the class and explaining the weekly assignments we would have. We were required to cover certain sections of a chapter based on the topic we chose to cover throughout the entirety of the course. We were to complete this every week and discuss what we had discovered in class. We would also have to write two essays and complete several mandatory readings and podcasts. To top all of this off, we would have to complete a final project that includes another essay. But the one thing that turned out to be the hardest task of the class was not any of these assignments, but was the participation grade. This class taught me that I should avoid taking eight-thirty classes if at all possible. I struggled with missing classes due to oversleeping and struggled with staying awake during the classes when I was present. This was due to my poor management of time, balancing ROTC’s morning PT, getting to class, and homework at night. This has taught me that I need to complete work earlier. This class also taught me some more history

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