My Reflection On My Writing As A Late Bloomer

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I always compare my writing as a late bloomer. My writing is developing, ordinarily it will be perfected with time. After taking this class, I figured out the importance of being able to organize, arrange, and compose thoughts into a comprehensible format. There was always little time I spent trying to figure out English language. Coming from a Hispanic family that the primary language is spanish, it's consequently difficult for me to understand the “rules” of English. Until this day I feel that I have learned something new every time I practice writing. Although there are several different ways of portraying my thoughts to an audience, I always feel it's difficult for me put my thoughts on a paper, as simple as it seems. Because I never really enjoy writing I didn't write much at all until I took EWRT 211 this quarter.
This quarter I was able to find help through my professor and tutors. In addition to turning in my assignments, I receive feedback from my professor. Even after I received my revised essay, …show more content…

I felt like after I got my professors feedback I was able to grow and get further on what I was trying to discuss on my essay. Since then I have been able to unfold a series of ideas including a strong thesis. I started of with no guidance where now I have more control of the way I develop all throughout my essay using my rubric. While much has helped me, I have made tried to make it a habit to use all lessons I have received throughout this quarter in all my essays. I've learned to make a mediocre essay into a well composed interesting piece of work. My paragraphs contain flow of thoughts composed of my point, idea and example. I will keep challenging myself to compose an essay that is well thought out and interesting. I feel I still need some work in my punctuation but that's something I will have to spend more time just focusing on that specific

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