My Role In My Life

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On June 1, 2012, my life changed forever. To this day I can remember every little detail as if it happened yesterday. On that day, my sister, Megan, gave birth to the most loving, intelligent, and playful little boy I have ever laid my eyes on; Parker Gordon Kaatz. It is so mind-blowing that one person can alter your outlook on life. Throughout the whole journey of Megan being pregnant all the way to Parker’s role in my life now, my life has been changed tremendously for the better. Finding out your sister is pregnant at the age of 18 can shock you big-time. If I replay to the time I found out, I would be sitting on my family room couch. My mom, my mom’s boyfriend, and I were watching television and my mom said something very confusing to me, “Tara, do you know how you’ve always wanted a dog?” I was confused because my mom hated dogs. Then she throws this in, “Well, you’re not getting a dog but you sister is pregnant.” At first, I thought wow, what a terrible way to announce my sister is having a baby. Then I realized, holy crap, my sister is actually having a baby. When those words came out of my mom’s mouth my eyes got as big as saucers, my mouth dropped so fast and heavy as if it weighed 150 pounds, and I was in complete shock. I did not know what to think. Was Megan scared? Why couldn’t she tell me herself? I thought about it all night and how I would make sure this wouldn’t happen to me so young. Although this is not something I would’ve wanted for her, I knew she

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