My Role Of My Grandmother

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“You better not act a fool outside this house” Grandma would tell me as a very young boy. My family dynamics as a child I would say was far from broken, there was plenty of happy moments with no kinds of abuse or neglect. However, it was different, and it was hard. My mother was fifteen years old in December 1994 when I was born, and my father was not there, and just recently have I connected with him on any type of level. There was eight of us living in my grandparents two, bedroom home in West End as my grandparents took in three of my grandma’s sister’s children due to personal problems and addiction. My uncles were essential in helping me find my identity and self-worth in my Birmingham City experience in my early elementary school years. They and my granddad were the only male figures in my life for the first eight years. Everything a normal father would do and teach his son about life, I learned from them. One of the most influential and loving overall person in my life has been my grandma. She checks every box, and more of the functions of the grandparent the textbook discusses “managing, caretaking, coaching, assessing, nurturing, assigning, and patrolling… they tell children what to do, and how to do it “. (Faye Z. Belgrave, Kevin W. Allison, 2014, p. 154) Although her discipline was no joke, she was the most expressive with her parenting towards me, even more so than my mom, who was young and learning how to parent. Momma was and still is an expressive parent, but

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