My Sci Fi Paper Will Follow The Unfortunate Events Surrounding A Spaceship And Its Crew On The Planet

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My sci-fi paper will follow the unfortunate events surrounding a spaceship and its crew on the far rim of the galaxy. It will feature the events that unfold after the spacecraft comes into contact with a hypervelocity star (HVS). An HVS is defined as a star that is traveling faster than the escape velocity of the galaxy. In addition, the spacecraft will use a quantum vacuum plasma thruster (Q-thruster) as its propulsion system as described by Dr. Harold White 's research at NASA.

As humans reach out further into space, the realities associated with astronomical dangers emerge. Obvious dangers such as lack of oxygen or extreme temperatures can be relatively easy to overcome, while the subtle and less understood dangers require special …show more content…

The Van Allen belts consist of an inner and more concentrated belt of protons at a distance of 3,600 km and an outer and less concentrated belt of electrons at a distance of 10,000 km~cite{wilson}. In the most intense regions of the inner belt, exposure can be lethal after a few tens of hours~cite{smart}. This created uncertainty at NASA for whether or not humans could ever travel to the Moon and beyond. In response, the scientist who discovered the Van Allen belts, James Van Allen, proposed a controversial method of removing the trapped radiation. He suggested that a nuclear detonation in space might cause the trapped protons to escape from the Earth 's magnetic field. The theory was never directly tested, but a similar test that detonated a 1.4 megaton bomb in the atmosphere showed that in fact more radiation was added as a result~cite{popsci}.

The second source of space radiation is called a Solar Particle Event or SPE. This type of radiation originates from solar ejections of charged particles, usually as X-rays~cite{nasa}. The cause of an SPE is generally attributed to a loss of ideal-MHD (magnetohydrodynamics) or stability within the Sun 's atmosphere~cite{forbes}. Although SPE 's can eject over a billion tons of matter into space, the Earths magnetosphere can deflect most of the charged particles. Outside of the Earths magnetosphere, though, the dosage of an SPE can be lethal in a matter of hours~cite{nasa,smart}. In 1972, when Apollo 17

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