My Sister 's Marriage By Cynthia Marshall Rich Essay

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Love makes us do crazy things. It makes us become people we never thought we were. Love gives us an ultimatum about our life. Love is a powerful bond and wicked curse. When we love, we love hard. We will do anything for love and to be loved. In “My Sister’s Marriage,” Cynthia Marshall Rich presents the different views of love upon similar yet different characters. Two sisters, who share a loving yet manipulative Father show the different ways love affects us. Sarah-Ann and Olive have many similar and different relationships with love, their dreams, and their traits. Young but driven, Olive becomes open to reality that their is so much more for her to see and be apart outside of her guarded father’s embrace, this comes to light when she falls in love with a man of different views than her father. Olive’s relationship with Father grew to a different level when Mother died. Olive “used to be very proud of being the lady of the house” (Rich 201) playing the role as mother of the house. Being the oldest of the sister 's it was Olive’s role to step up. Father would look at Olive across the table and say “every day you remind me more of your mother” (Rich 201). Olive has never had trouble making friends. Olive is more social, especially with men. When summer came “Olive began walking out with young men” (Rich 202). Olive allowed other men into her life, though she knew after awhile that they were all “silly and shallow” (Rich 202) after she brought them home to meet Father.

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