My Speech On My Life

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My mom always says everything happens for a reason, I use to never believe that because of everything happened to us. I was only 6 and 11 months old when my parents, Sumaya and Abraham, told me the news that changed my perfect life. We lived in Chicago at the moment, the house in front of the big park. My mother would take me to the park every day after she picked me up from school, which was only two blocks away from the house. We would go home and eat, do homework, shower, and then we would lay in bed watch soap operas. My father would come home around 12 am after his police work was done. I remember that day like it was yesterday, everything was normal school, park, homework, shower but then my dad got home early around 7pm. They sat me down for a talk, both on each side of the me on the black pullout couch.
My father starts talking “Your mother and I need to tell you something”
My mother continued “You know we both love you very much and no matter what happens we always will.”
At this moment I start thinking, what could this be? Are we moving? Are okay?
Then my father looks at my mom she says “Your father and I are getting divorced.”
I ran into their room and jumped on the bed and started pouring my eye balls out. Then they came in to calm me down and explained that sometimes things are for the best and all those things that would normally make someone that age feel better. Which it did but it still hurt knowing I couldn 't have both parents with me every day

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