My Spiritual Journey

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A spiritual journey is the search of God in our lives. This journey often helps us to find the true inner meaning in our life. It doesn’t matter whether you go to church or not, nature is leading us to God. My spiritual journey began when I first moved to the United States. I was four years old when I left Haiti with my father and twin brother and heartbroken to leave my mom behind. My dad seized the opportunity to go to America where he would create a better future for us. Growing up was hard because, for most of my life, my mom was absent. But I was fortunate, and even without the guidance of my mom, I learned perseverance that one day we'd reunite. This was the major step towards finding my faith and becoming a child of God. The church became a place that I would go to pray to God in hopes of reuniting with my mother. Every Sunday, my brother and I would attend church services by ourselves. My father could not attend because he had to work many jobs to support us as well as my mother in Haiti. Life was hard on me because I felt a part of me wasn’t complete. Attending Saint Mary’s church somehow seemed to fill that void. I enjoyed going to Sunday services so much that my brother and I decided to attend Sunday school. Through Sunday school I was learning everything I could about God and his impact in my life. After many years of going to church, my brother and I decided that we should become alter server. Being an alter serve was the best decision I have made. Not

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