My Story Of My Life

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As I am sitting by the bay window I start to see all the things that could happen instead of what is happening. I try not to be as negative as I am, I try to be the best did you see there that I tried to be positive for a second, but it just goes away, I don’t know why, it just feels as if I am walking on water and at that point as I feel free I fall right into the water just like that but you will know why. So, here I am telling you my story about my life, my problems, and solutions this is how it all started. “Honey!” “Yes Mom? “Ugh….Coming!” There she looked the exact same way when I met her it was my sister Maya, she was the type of person who hated my guts and asked for money all the time so I wondered to myself what is she doing here now. Maya and I were talking she said she needed some space and now she wants to be in my life again, what were her problems she’s only 19 years old I am 12 and I still haven’t ran away from my from my own problems. I thought I was saying that in my head, but I was yelling it at her. I ran up to my room and started listening to my favorite music I would say what it is but it is too embarrassing to say. Anyway, I paused the music on my iPod and cracked my door so I could listen to their conversation they’re arguing about something it must of been about the boy she 2 years ago and their relationship is going into a good relationship. After That, I closed the door I didn’t want to hear anymore of what’s going on with her love

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