My Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Business

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There’s a lot of characteristics and behaviours, I’d use to describe myself and even more so if my father was asked this question. The one’s I believe to be most indicative with business would be a reluctant leader, awareness and passion. I’ve picked these traits to share since, I believe they’re able to cover my weaknesses and potential weaknesses of my peers, or synergize
With their strengths. In High School, there’s a few things that most people dread doing those being a presentation, knowing you’re going to be judged by your peers and then combining it with a randomly assembled group project. I view two potential scenarios that frequently occur, which both are detrimental to the success of the group. Firstly the no idea scenario, I …show more content…

This trait will contribute to my success since I’ll know when I need to step up to lead and when I need to be a follower rather than a leader since we already have some and attempt to mediate between them. I’ve grown up looking at the news everyday and keeping an eye on the stock as it combined with a greater interest of mine, that’s observing and simulation of occurrence. This formed my trait of awareness, since things were always changing. This is an asset in the business world, since you’re always needing to be aware of competition and what they are doing, but most importantly being able to reflect on your current standing. If I wrote this a year ago, I would’ve put focus as one of my three things to share, but since I was so into the news, I found it rather concentrate on calculus, which is quite mundane compared to the future president saying his rival’s father aided in the assassination of JFK. I’ve become aware of this detrimental behaviour by reflecting, so I’ve tried to make sure I work on homework away from a computer, so I can disconnect and focus on my studies, just like a business should not be too focused on others, but rather improve themselves. I think this will contribute to my success, because I will be aware of what I need to improve on and knowing my strengths will allow me to work with others better. I view

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