Personal Statement Assessment : My Personality As A Business Owner

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V.Implications for Career

This self-evaluation assessment has provided the pros and cons of my interpersonal interactions with employees as a business owner. The implications of the Emotional Intelligence assessment have inspired me to identify and single out the positive and negative aspects of my personality as a business leader. I have become more aware of the importance of self-knowledge as a way to identify emotional patterns that can help me understand my employees outside of their job performance. The important aspects of Empathy and Self-regulation were important ways that I can become a much better leader in terms of building teams for the car detailing business. In this way, I am not just “running a business”, but I am a business owner that loves his job and respects his employees. I am certainly more aware of my Emotional Intelligence as a way to improve my business goals. Finally, the EI assessment also helped me to understand my gifts as a leader in the business community. I seem to have many of the positive qualities of a good leader, as listed in the five components. To be honest, I known I was a good leader, but this test/assessment clarified many of the important behaviors that I need to improve to advance my leadership skills in the car detailing business. More so, I understand that being a good leader means always being open to change, and being flexible to differing circumstances. There is always more room for growth, which further motivates me to

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