My Study of Child Poverty in My Own Community Essay

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If I study child poverty from a micro, meso, and macro level. I would start with my own community, which would be on a micro level. I would go to downtown los angels to skid row and look for groups of homeless children. I would observe different kids that I find for a week. I would take notes on how they survive. I would observe where do they eat, where & how they sleep. I would also observe their interaction around other people. After I observed them for a week. I would pick 4 children to Interview. I would pick two girls and two boys. I would interview an African American girl that is in poverty that lives with her family that is close to the age of 16. I would also interview another girl that is Hispanic in her early teens, that does …show more content…

I think this a great program but we need more supports and we need the government to help fix this crisis. One thing that I have notice is that I don’t not here much about the local/micro level of child poverty not sure why but I know it exist.

Module 2 # 7
One of the five theoretical perspectives mention is the Conflict Theory. The main ideas of this theory are conflict underlies all social relations because of injustice in society. Social change is desirable, especially when it can lead to greater equality: the powerful who are the haves impose their values and belief on the haves not’s. This is influenced by critical sociology One of the examples that come to mind is The American civil rights movement. In history African American have been treated so harsh from being kidnap from their homeland to being stereotype for walking down the street with a hood on. For many years African American did not receive the same amount of privileges because of the color of their skin. They were not able to go where they wanted when they wanted. They were not able to vote, go to the same restrooms. All they want was the same rights as everyone else. They were beaten, murderer jailed, hosed with water just to be treated the same. Every time there was progress, there was a new problem that stops the African Americans from being treated with the same level of respect as everyone else. They went from being kidnap from African to being sold as slaves in

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