My Teacher As A Growing Up Student

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I remember as a growing-up student, I was often asked who my favorite teacher was. I always answered Mr. ____ who was my teacher in (subject?) when I was in Grade (_?). It was not so much about him being the best teacher of all, it was how he made me feel… to be at my best while learning new things in his class. The way he taught us made topics, which are difficult easy. To help us understand complicated or even boring concepts, he told interesting stories that we can relate to that made everyone listen and actually ‘get it’. He challenged us to think critically but during recitations, no one was made embarrassed with his answers, right or wrong. His point in encouraging everyone to participate was to let the class understand how everyone thinks differently and how we should respect each other’s opinion. His class resonated hunger for knowledge and unconsciously, he instilled in us how education can enrich our lives. He probably even influenced me to become a teacher myself. If I could even have half as much impact to my students as he did to his class and be an instrument to motivate them to pursue higher education in order to bring out the best in them, I would have fulfilled my life’s purpose of teaching.
Worldview and Philosophy of Life
I believe that education is the key to success for an individual, the society or the nation in general. As Allan Bloom aptly puts it, “education is the movement from darkness to light.” It shapes the mind and…

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