My Teaching Experience : The Importance Of Learning

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Education encircles teaching and learning skills by imparting of knowledge, judgement and wisdom for future generations. Fullan (2016) defines change as “being imposed on us by (natural events or deliberate reform) or because we voluntarily participate or initiate change when we find dissatisfaction, and inconsistency in our current situation” (p. 19). Fullan (2016) explains that “how we seek change on our own terms, but rather how we handle it when it inevitably occurs.” (p. 21). Philosophy Teaching young minds is a task that utmost importance while being challenging, frustrating and having significant responsibilities. Also, it is exciting, beautiful and joyful. All children can learn if they motivate, and have the correct directions and visions of their teachers. Throughout my Walden experience, I have become aware of learning, behavior, and developmental theories to help myself and my students by pushing them and myself to our fullest potential. Therefore, it is my responsibility is to be the leader for all my students by giving them my full attention, motivating and teaching them so that they are the change that changes the world. The learning environment is where students are emotional, physical, or socially safe. The parents, administrators, teachers, and community need to see that I am someone they can approach without fear or discrimination. Also, my classroom is a zone for my students to feel safe to explore, the freedom of creativity and be able to ask

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