My Ten Years In My Future

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"I always thought you'd do well in a leadership position." These words were said to me recently by a former supervisor. She moved on to a different department a few years ago, but I have always respected her opinion. I ran into her at a Women's Interactive Network meeting a few months back at the company where we both work. I was talking to her about a development goal I was working on and she congratulated me on a recent promotion and a company-wide Service Award that I was awarded. This statement, coupled with the gravity of turning the age of 35, got me thinking about where I want to be 10 years from now.

Ten years ago, almost exactly, I was nervously interviewing with this same person and our former manager for an entry level …show more content…

I love learning something new and being able to share it with my team. I like collaborating with others and working on process improvements.

I also know that with the several promotions it may take to become a supervisor comes an increase in income. This, of course, is a highly motivating factor. I have three children who will be in high school or college ten years from now. I hope to be more financially stable by then as well. I will be able to pay basic bills and buy groceries without having to worry about being short on another monetary necessity. I will be able to do things that I wish I could do now, like take a family vacation, or take a trip with my husband. At the risk of sounding materialistic, I dream of being able to decorate my home with furnishings that I actually like, rather than what is absolutely needed and was free or cheap. I dream that with the added income I will feel like I can breathe easier.

Since before that interview ten years ago, I have felt insecure about my level of education because I have never gone to college. Many of the new associates who have been hired in the last few years do typically have a degree. I have felt as though I have had to work twice as hard to gain the recognition that I have thus far in my career. I have seen others who are much younger and are fresh out of college move up within the company at a faster pace. I have decided to venture further outside of my comfort zone and take the leap into college to

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