My Time In High School

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Throughout my time growing up I have had a lot of people tell me that high school will be the time of your life. In many ways it is. High school for me would be described as fun, thrilling, exciting, hard-working, and some very exhausting years of my life. My years at Millry High School have not been too long compared to others, however my memories are of great lengths. During my time as a high school student, I have tried to become a fairly active student. Participating in Bible club, drama club, yearbook, running for student council, homecoming court, being nominated best personality, and Distinguished Young Women.
My time in high school have been some of the greatest times I have had thus far, with as little bumps in the road as possible. Now don't get me wrong, I had a lot to learn during my time as a high school student. During these years I have learned how to be myself, to work my tail off, and that nothing is going to be handed to you. One of my biggest regrets I encountered during my time as a high school student was not trying my hardest. I never really had to try much in elementary and middle school. It just sort of came to me. When I entered high school, I thought it would be the same. I was very wrong. I ended up going to summer school the summer of my ninth grade year for my grades. I found it so embarrassing when everyone would ask if I could hang out and I would have to say ¨I can't I have summer school¨. Definitely not one of my proudest moments there.

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