My Time In Middle School

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Middle school what a trying time. My mother asked if I was going to be ok with leaving the only life I knew just a month before school started. She made it sound so good. "No dress code Cari" She knew that was the one thing I hated about Warrensville school the dress code. So I agreed to move to Euclid. I don't know what I was thinking I had just left all my friends behind. The ones I had been with since daycare days. I knew no one at Forest Park Middle School. I didn't even know anyone in my now new neighborhood. I started thinking I don't make friends fast I'm not going to have anyone to talk to, or even walk home with. The closer it got to the first day the more nervous I became. My little sister was ecstatic about her new school, …show more content…

I was so turned around once I made it there. Trying to find my classes that part was a big adjustment. I'm guessing it was because I used to just having one class. I was quite and kept to myself the entire day. The further it got into the school year the more comfortable I became. Making friends wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. My mother told me this is where you find your best friend in junior high and I did. Krisalynn and I did everything together. We even went to the school dance together. I started getting more involved in school I joined the school band and open doors club. I met Mya in the band and we became really close. Still, there were a few things I wish were different. Like the lunch, I hated the school lunches and was definitely missing the snack shack from Warrensville. Some may say I started to get too comfortable especially in 7th grade because I started getting in trouble. I even got suspended. I did stay active, my mother wouldn't have it any other way. I joined the track team and played several instruments in the band. I got my first boyfriend when I was in 8th grade even though I wasn't supposed to have one said, my mom. His name was Jovan

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