Essay on My Two Favorite Sports: Tennis vs. Basketball

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As many can tell you there is nothing quite like the feeling of playing the sport you love with crowds cheering for you to win. Everyone can feel this way because sports are relatively simple and easy to play with practice. I remember I used to hate the idea of playing any sport, but when once I started to play I didn’t want to stop; two sports that I particularly enjoyed playing were baseball and tennis. Although Baseball and tennis are both sports that involve using a club to hit an airborne ball, they differ because of the equipment used to play them, the rules for each game and the way points are scored. First of all to play a baseball game you need to have a baseball, a baseball bat, baseball mitts, helmets and uniforms but to play…show more content…
Whereas the tennis field is only a 78 ft long rectangle with 27 ft of width used for singles and 36 used for doubles width. Second the rules differ for each game, because a tennis court can only be played on with 2 or 4 people on the court at once unlike baseball where there can be as many as 13 players on the field at once. In every sport there are rounds in baseball these rounds are called innings, to end an inning you need to get six outs three for each team. Every professional baseball game has nine innings which makes them longer than tennis matches because in tennis you need to have 4 outs to end a game and six games to end a set. Most tennis matches have 2 sets and rarely three sets in a match. Finally to score in baseball you score by hitting the ball into the outer part of the field and running past each base in order without getting tagged by the ball while trying to run to a base. In tennis you score by having the ball bounce twice in your opponent’s side of the court, one bounce has to be inside the other can be in or out. If the first bounce is outside the point goes to your opponent and the way to keep your opponent from scoring is hitting fast balls away from where your opponent is standing. To keep your opponent from scoring in baseball you can make him strike out or tag him with the ball while he is trying to run the bases. The way to win in baseball is by having the most runs unlike tennis where the objective is to win the

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