My Values And Personal Character Traits

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When I read this essay question what it made me think about was how my values and personal character traits contribute to my profession. No one patient is the same and the type of care I provide is not only based on their physical needs, it is focused on their psychosocial security. As nurses I believe that it is expected of us to add value to the work that we do by applying our nursing skills coupled with a warm bedside manner. When I reach my goal of becoming a registered nurse my strengths and personal qualities will continue to do just that. My values define who am I am as a person, but more importantly they shape how I show up in the world. As a nurse the core values I embody allow me come to from a place of love and compassion when…show more content…
The population I am specifically responsible for are patients who are discharged from hospital admissions, emergency room visits or short-term rehabilitation centers. This type of nursing care is all about communication, mainly via telephone with very minimal face-face interaction. It is here that my personal character traits really come to light. With this patient base I have a limited amount of time to engage them and create a rapport with them. My personality is what captures these patients granting me the ability to move forward with providing the education they need. I have one particular patient that comes to mind when I think about what I have done to contribute to nursing. She is a middle aged women with uncontrolled diabetes and a tumultuous living environment. When I was assigned to her care she was going to the emergency room an average of 4-5 times a month with at least one of those visits turning into an admission. I began to get to know her and developed a connection with her. I found that she didn’t understand how to stay away from the foods that were causing hyperglycemia in her. She was under the impression that it was just sweet things that she had to stay away from, but I explained how processed
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