My Values In My Family

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Throughout life, our values change and grow. At a young age, we value our toys and material possessions. But, as we mature, our values take on a different role, a more substantial meaning. What I value most at this point in my life is family and friends. My family is what i value most and my friends I count them as my family too but if they were with me since pre-kinder and never done anything bad to me or me to them so we could of stayed together from the past until now. Since I was in Kazen Elementary I was always on my own never really talked to anyone but I did had friends. Although, just like every little kid likes to hang out with the cool kids instead of the kid being bullied so they won’t get bullied. However, it didn’t bothered me because after school; my friends and I always get together and play video games or play outside. Yet, in fourth and fifth grade is when everybody started to not be around me no more, talk to me, and even my friends. Who I thought they were my friends but really they were just being bullies all the time. When I entered middle school there was some people being bullied including myself. So, I made some choices in my life either do something with myself or just stay the same as who I am. I used to be a fat kid and that was easy for people to call me names. Nor, little that they know I started exercising with my cousin everyday in the United Campus and always pushed myself to not look like I used to look before. After that, people see me in

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