My Views On Our Student 's Work And Our Own Responsibility As An Educator As Well

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All four articles are so captivating and very on point but I really want to share my views on the article from Dr. Fox about “symbols of harm, literacies of hope” and “what is good writing?” At some points, the two texts have connection between one another in terms of how we use lens to evaluate our student’s work and our own responsibility as an educator as well. I found myself reading the two text again and again especially the parts of the exploration of the sample given. There was a pause moment when I read both text as I remember of my experience in teaching in Indonesia. Although it was not perfect at some levels, I can relate why it is important to view students in a fresh lens. I question myself, why does the “what is good writing” article exist? I am thinking of it as the results of how we crave an imaginative standard and our confusion of what is a good writing is all about. I appreciate that the author display excellent samples of writing in a diverse setting and theme. I laughed at it, I think critically, and I evaluate myself from it. “Writing is good because of what it says, how it opens up a world of ideas of fact for readers, and how accurately and memorably it speaks, a voice issuing from a human being who is fascinating, surprising, illuminating.” I really like the above quote where it made me remember one activity I had done with my students in the past. As the popularity of Facebook and other social media arose, I asked my students to write a journal of

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