My Vision Of America Essay

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Just like Lyndon B. Johnson said, America is “not merely a nation, but a nation of nations”. The United States of America is the free world, where everyone from different backgrounds can be treated equally. This country is all that is right and just for the people residing and finding peace in it. Pride is the basis of our holy land, due to the fact that our ancestors came here and fought to keep their pride. Therefore, it seems only right for my vision of America to be come from the word “pride” itself. P is for prosperity. My america will have a strong economy, where there are no declines. It will remain stable or improve based on the hard work of the american people. Everyone will help everyone. America will not stop growing until there is nothing left to build upon. Providing for our future is one of the main goals of the government. With a strong economy, it will make that task a little bit easier. A prosperous country leaves the government, as well as the citizens, more at ease. R is for righteousness. My vision includes a place where no one person has immoral thoughts or actions. All will do what is in the best interest of our divine nation. The need for a criminal justice system will decline, and no one shall live in fear. People will go back to leaving their doors unlocked again, as the need for protection will…show more content…
Above all, this country will continue to be great. As from the constitution, “We the people” run this country. “We the people” make it great. “We the people” make it excellent, and there is no doubt in my mind that the power will not terminate. The men and women of this illustrious nation uphold the democracy that makes free will exist. Our excellence will continue in my vision for America. This country will prosper forever and continue to strive for more greatness than anyone would think is impossible. “We the people” make it possible, and a great nation it will continue to be. “We the people” can make my vision ring
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