The United States Of America Essay

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A crash in america may be coming a lot sooner than many people think. The United States of America is facing problems a lot of people are either unaware of or just dont think its a big deal. Most of america think that our economy and government is in alright financial shape, That may not be the case though. America is in bad shape and it seems to be going down hill. America is declining in world power as well and this is just another factor leading to a crash in the future. Other nations are growing a lot more powerful than they have been in the past causing very big problems as a nation.
There are a lot of people that think they have very solid arguments that america is in fine shape and no one has any reason to worry. They think the problems people talk about are no big deal amd that the nation can deal with them no problem. These reasons have some truth but for the most part they have a lot of things that other nations are in control of. The United States debt is over 19 trillion dollars, that is an insane amount of money and it is going up rapidly. People think this is ok because the US prints its own money so it is in control of its currency and debt. This is not a very good thing to think because if the United States tried to get out of debt by printing trillions more dollars than usual there would be a massive increase in inflation. Another argument is that Obama added to the debt to get the United States out of a recession. He did do this but it also caused us to

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